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Student Council


student c ouncil

Student Council is a leadership organization, which gives students the
opportunity to be involved in improving the school environment.


Our Student Council Representatives meet several times a month,
host the Salvation Army's Toy Drive in December and
support many other activities within the West Middle Community.

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 elected representatives

 Team 6-1
Faith Habeck
Christian Ahlheim
Team 6-2
Adam Schaff
Cadence Martin
Team 6-3
Brianna Dick
Bailey Toping
Team 6-4
Brynin Henderson
Rachael Van Hoe
 Team 7-1
J.T. Kane
Megan Hartman
Team 7-2
Claire Myers
Kiera Gonzales
Team 7-3
Marcellus Porter
JoAnne Kim
Team 7-4
Farouk Hamden
Ella Jones
 Team 8-1
Jack Pizzo
Team 8-2
T.J. Henderson
Jacob Mitchell
Team 8-3
Tessa Stille
Blair Speas
Team 8-4
Jasmine Wyatt
I'yana Body