100% Club: Turn in all assignments in a given quarter, have your form signed by all of your teachers, turn it into your grade level office by the due date, and have fun at the year-end 100% Club Party.

Art Club provides additional opportunities to experience creative adventures in art. Types of activities may include fabric painting,

sculpture with clay, paper, wood, painting, jewelry making, paper mache, origami, tie-dye, paper marbling, stamping, guests’ artists, contests and exhibitions.


Book Club: A club for students to explore popular new books in a friendly, fun discussion group. Every month a new book is chosen and the group will have a monthly meeting filled with activities and engaging activities pertaining to the recently read book.

Builders Club provides opportunities for students to work together in service activities in their school and community. Builders Club is affiliated with the Kiwanis Club and is often run by student-elected officers. This club organizes school wide collection projects, hosts Red Cross Blood Drives, volunteer for school events and participate in activities with the local Kiwanis Club.

Computer Club: Technology is explored and fun awaits those who join computer club. Students participate in developing activities for the year, which includes: power point, internet web design, learning to use a smart board and learning computer software.


Drama Club provides students with the opportunity to focus on preparing for all aspects of play production. This is not just for actors, Drama Club needs students to help with set design/build, lighting, costume design, etc. S Students must be willing to commit their time to rehearsals. The success of the play depends on your commitment!

FACS Club: Do you like cooking? Eating? Sewing? Then FACS Club is for you. You will spend time in the kitchen making sweet and savory treats, making holiday crafts and useful items.

Math Club: Students will engage in math activities, explore various interesting math concepts, create math manipulatives for younger students and study for math competitions held in the area.

National Junior Honor Society promotes scholarship, service to the school and community, leadership, character and citizenship. Seventh and eighth grade students with a cumulative 3.5 GPA or higher are eligible to apply for NJHS.

Jazz Band: Select 7th & 8th grade students are chosen through auditions to perform jazz music.

Jazz Ensemble is for any 7th and 8th grade student interested in learning about and performing jazz music.

Newspaper Club is perfect for anyone who loves to write, enjoys taking photos, likes doing interviews, online research and has a creative mind! Together, students will put together 4 issues of the Wildcat Claw and distribute the newspaper for all of WMS to read and enjoy.

Science Club provides the opportunity to delve into interesting Science topics through hands-on activities. Students create their own experiments and discuss and work on science projects.

Scrapbooking Club allows students to develop self-expression through preserving family and friend memories. Various skills such as planning, organizing, measuring and problem-solving and journaling are used as students create scrapbooks.

Show Choir: Students prepare for and perform a large production in the form of a show or musical. Due to the nature of show choir, students are expected to commit their time to the practices after school to ensure a successful show.

Spanish Club provides students the opportunity to learn about Hispanic culture in a variety of ways, including learning about different countries, trying different foods from those countries and learning about holidays and dances. Students will also learn basic Spanish language.

Student Council is a leadership organization, which gives students the opportunity to be involved in improving the school environment.

TREND (Turning Resources and Energy in New Directions) Students will discuss and plan activities that focus on a drug free and positive lifestyle.

TSA/Robotics Club is a nationwide organization exposing students to technology and the benefits of being “technology literate” in today’s society. The club promotes participation in group problem solving activities and competitions.

Talent Show promotes the talents of middle school students and the opportunity to perform in front of peers. Students try out for the talent show and then practices are held for students prior to performances.

Writers’ Club provides a place to publish student writing. Writers’ Club also offers an opportunity for students to attend an open writing lab after school so that they have access to computers and writing advice from teachers. Writers’ Club will encourage students to submit work into writing contests and will publish a magazine.

Yearbook Club: Students meet to plan, design and construct the yearbook. They will learn skills in production and publication – such as layout design, photography, copy writing and editing. Students assist the sponsor in keeping records of sales, organizing page submission, labeling photos and editing.