Wheel (Electives) Supply List

Supplies Required for Practical Art Classes
(all supplies below will be left in the room that they are listed)

 Art ( All Grades) ALL students must bring a pencil to art class EVERY day
- 2 black SHARPIE markers (Extra Fine or Fine)
- 2 Folders WITH 3 prongs- (for Ms. McGIllycuddy’s class only)
- Hand held pencil sharpener
- Magic Rub pencil eraser (white eraser)
- Pack of #2 Pencils
- LARGE sponge or small sponges
- Roll of Scotch tape

 FACS (7th and 8th)
- $10 Sewing Project Fee (due the first week of school)
- Folder WITH 3 prongs
- Box of gallon size ziplock bags
- Paper (lined notebook)
- Box of tissues

 Computer Exploration (8th only)
- IF student does NOT have internet at home, they must have a Flash/USB drive

All of the supplies above should be brought in the first week of school and they will be put into a bin that is kept in the room. Each student will be checked off for each item.