How can my child qualify for the GATE program?
Students may be referred to the gifted program by a teacher, parent, or counselor. Referred students are screened for selection. Requirements include at least 2 scores at 95th percentile or higher in areas of Reading, Language, Math, or Composite on a standardized, nationally normed, group achievement test such as SAT9, CTBS, Terra Nova, etc. If such scores are not available, or there is reason to believe the scores are not an accurate reflection of the student's achievement, the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT-2) may be administered, with a required score of 95%.

Students are assigned points based on their performance on the following criteria:
General Mental Ability (Individual IQ Test)
Academic Achievement (Highest percentage in one area on recent standardized achievement test)
Creativity and Divergent Thinking (Assessed by parents and teachers)
Documented Evidence of Gifted Behavior (Assessed by parents and teachers)

A minimum of 60 points is needed to qualify for placement in the gifted program. Placement in the program requires parent permission. Students not qualifying for placement may be re-screened/retested after 2 years. A student's continued placement in the program is dependent upon his or her success in meeting the expectations of the program.