Crider Health Center

Crider Health Center
is committed to caring for young people and their overall well-being as well as that of their families.

In order to accomplish this approach, Crider Health Center forms partnerships in the community with other local agencies and governmental entities to not only take care of physical and behavioral health needs, but to also ensure that people have adequate and healthy nourishment, housing, and the skills that they need to achieve their fullest potential.

This includes partnering with the schools and providing presentations to our students.  To further educate them and build on current life skills, in how to best handle themselves and foster better relationships with others. 

The 6th grade curriculum is called “Changes & Choices," and includes discussions about making wise choices, building self-esteem, handling peer pressure, resolving conflict, addiction, and dealing with loss and depression.  The 7th grade curriculum covers criticism and bullying, along with discussion on how to best handle those situations, and the 8th grade curriculum educates students on healthy relationships, which involves how to identify unhealthy relationships, and the needed steps to take if involved in one.  

For more information about the Crider Center and the services they offer click on this link: Crider Center