Roar for More

ROAR for MORE – WMS Walk-a-Thon


Dear West Middle Families and Friends,

We are excited to announce that we are having a WALK-A-THON to help fundraise money for Heart Zones Monitors to be used in the physical education classes!  The FZWMS Physical Educators are excited to obtain this new technology in PE for their students. Your participation and contributions are keys to our success that will allow us to keep ALL of the proceeds at WMS to benefit your children.

What is a Heart Zones monitor?

Heart Zones is a heart rate monitor that is similar to a Fit-bit, apple watch, etc. but designed for students and teachers.  It is worn like a watch – not a chest strap.  Information is gathered on an app on an IPAD.  The app allows teachers to personalize their classes with each student’s individual information according to their fitness levels and health information.  It can also be projected from an IPAD to the gym wall (screen) like Orange Theory and Club Fitness Burn Zone. Students have responded very well to this new technology in other local districts such as Wentzville, St. Charles, and Pattonville.


The Heart Zones System motivates students to really have fun in physical education. It provides personalization of heart rate zones for every student, allowing us to accurately measure MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) on an individual level.  By using wearables that are “cool” and providing real-time feedback during class, we see students participate and enjoy physical education in a new and exciting way!


Check out this new link:   OR  Heartzones Inc. on Facebook


Our walk-a-thon goal is $25,000. We are asking each student to set a goal of at least $50.  Note that 100% of the funds raised (after expenses) stays with WMS, supporting your students and their physical health.


Funds from the Walk-A-Thon will assist with the following:                                                                                                                 5 class sets (one per teacher) of heart rate monitors/armbands for each student (and extras)                                                           License fee

How does our ROAR for MORE – WMS Walk-A-Thon work?                                                                                                                  Students collect donations
Collecting donations is easier than you think. Click on the Paypal link provided above.  It’s as easy as filling in your child’s name, selecting PE teacher, and making your donation! Students can also accept cash or checks (payable to WMS). For each $25 (cash, check, or online) earned, your child will earn a “PE NO RUNNING PASS” to be used anytime this school year or NEXT! We encourage students to talk to their friends, families, and neighbors about sponsoring them for this event. 

***FINAL TURN-IN IS THURSDAY 4/26/18 (A Day) AND FRIDAY 4/27 (B Day).  The Walk-A-Thon will be on Thursday 4/26 for “A” day classes and Friday 4/27 for “B” day classes. All students will participate on Thursday or Friday regardless if they have collected donations or not. We are trying to meet the goal of $50 per student. 

THANK YOU for your support in making us ROAR for MORE and making this year’s Walk-a-Thon a terrific event!

West Middle School Physical Education Teachers

Ms. Lisa Bean, Mrs. Oetting, Mr. Kevin Moresco, Mr. Adam Johnson, Mr. Tom Orlando