Prevention Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians:


We are pleased to announce West Middle School’s prevention activities in the classroom for the 2021-2022 school year.  As our youth evolve into a more technology-savvy culture, we want to present them with the resistance skills to ward off the negatives that often come with the internet, texting, and cellular phone usage. Prevention specialists from organizations such as Crider Center, Kids Under Twenty One (KUTO), and the St. Charles Regional Child Assessment Center will present classroom lessons utilizing board approved curriculum to students in each grade.  It is important for adolescents to learn coping and reporting strategies in the event they find themselves, or their peers, a target of cyberbullying.


Another area of prevention that we will focus on is emotional wellness.  Each of these organizations will present information on what to do if you or someone you know has expressed thoughts of self-harm or suicide.  Our goal is to teach students how to identify warning signs and to take that information to a helping adult.  It is also our hope that these issues are being introduced at home.  It is important for adolescents to understand what their individual family’s expectations, morals, and values are surrounding these topics.


The Crider Center will present topics to each grade level.  The sixth grade will have a five-day, one hour program. The topics include: Being Your Own Person, Handling Peer Pressure, Resolving Conflicts, Dealing with Loss and Depression, Abuse Prevention, and Bullying and Teasing.  The seventh grade will have a two-day session that focuses on Criticism and Bullying. The eighth grade’s three-day presentation includes information on Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence.


The Child Center Center, Inc. presents a program to the seventh-grade students entitled Kids Rights. The objective of this program is to teach the students the difference between flirting, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, as well as on-line safety measures.  Most importantly, it teaches students what to do if they become a target of such behavior.    


KUTO will assist students in recognizing the warning signs for suicidal thinking. They will also educate our students on how to identify a trusting and helping adult who can be a resource to them or a fellow student needing help. They will be presenting to the entire 6th-grade class and conducting refresher groups with the 7th and 8th-grade students.  

As you can see, each of these programs is important and a priority here at West Middle School.  We want to equip our students with the skills they need in moments of personal or peer crisis.  Feel free to call me at  636-542-7592 if you have any questions or comments.  If for any reason you wish to have your child opt-out of any of these prevention programs, please call your child’s assistant principal to make arrangements for an alternative assignment.   




Terri Tarvid, MSW, LCSW

Prevention Crisis Counselor