Clinic FAQ's

FAQs regarding administration of medication at school

What kind of medications can a student keep at school for use as needed? Any type of OTC (Over the counter) medication may be kept in the clinic for the student’s use. The medication will be administered by the nurse in the clinic. A parent must complete and sign the appropriate permission slip. The request must state the reason for giving the medication and assurances the student has no known allergies to the medication. The medication may be left by the parent in the clinic or the student may bring in the medication first thing in the morning, in a sealed, never been opened container.

I want my child to have a dose higher than the dose recommended on the OTC medication bottle, can the nurse do that? The nurse may administer the medication as per bottle instruction for the student’s age/weight. If a higher dose is requested by the parent, a written order from the student’s physician is required.
If a student requires an OTC medication more frequently than is reasonably expected, the nurse may contact the parent and request a physician order for the medication to be administered. If the nurse feels it is not appropriate for the student to receive the medications, she has the right to refuse to administer it. If this happens, the parent/guardian will be contacted.

What is required for a prescription medication to be given at school by the nurse? A signed physician order that states the student’s name, name of drug, dosage, frequency, how the drug is to be given. If needed, emergency instructions are to be included. A parent must provide a written request that the medication be given at school. The district will NOT administer the first dose of any prescription medication. The parent must supply the school with a supply of the medication in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy with only the doses to be given at school and any additional supplies required for administration.
New prescription orders and properly labeled prescription bottles are required for any changes in the order for school. A new prescription order and properly labeled bottle is required for each new school year.
Also, for short term medications, such as antibiotics, it is recommended that medications be administered at home if possible. One time per day medications should be administered at home as well unless there is a specific reason the child must have it given at school.

Please note**** All medications, prescription or non-prescription, left in the clinic at the end of the school year will be destroyed -the exact date to be determined by the nurse. No medications will be sent home on the bus. Due to the large amount of OTC medication bottles in the clinic, the nurse requests the smallest bottle