WMS Band Direct Donation

You may have noticed that you haven't seen a fundraising form come home for "band."  After years of running an annual band fundraiser, Mr. Jehle and I decided to give parents a break from fundraising.  While our band is very supported from our administration and district, running a band program the quality and size of West Middle's requires supplementary funds.  For this reason, we have simply asked for donations the past few years.  The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive!  Most parents seemed interested in supporting the band, but were thankful to not have to purchase an "unwanted" item to do so. If you feel compelled, you can donate through cash or check (payable to WMS) or the West Middle website through Paypal.  As long as we can continue to run our program without a fundraiser, we will do so.  

Please scan the QR Code below for credit card transactions or to use PayPal:

band donation QR Code