Parent/Teacher Conferences

Fort Zumwalt West Middle School

2018-2019 Parent Teacher Conferences


Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, October 24th and all day on Thursday, October 25th.

Parent/Teacher Conferences at the middle school level are optional but they provide another opportunity to share information to work toward a common goal. Conferences are set up in 15 minute time slots. Parent(s) will meet with ONE of their student's team teachers (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science or Math). That teacher will provide brief reports from the other 3 Team teachers. All other non-team teachers (Special Education, Elective Courses, GATE, P.E., Reading and Computer Literacy) are available during conference hours. If you would like to meet with one of them, please contact them directly either through the parent portal or email. 

If you would like to schedule a conference time, please use the appropriate link below
and scroll down to the preferred teacher's name before selecting a time slot. 

Team 6-1

Team 6-2

Team 6-3

Team 6-4

Team 7-1

Team 7-2

Team 7-3

Team 7-4

Team 8-1

Team 8-2

Team 8-3

Team 8-4